To get the best results from your job posting, FILL IN ALL FIELDS, including salary range.  

  • Use the “Additional Information” box to tell candidates about your school and why they may want to work there  Give them a reason to apply.
  • If you have job information to copy and paste, you may insert it into the “Additional Information” box.  
  • Applicants want Details – FILL IN ALL FIELDS – Incomplete information is a waste of your time and you will not get results. 


Enter your Email address and click the “Get Info” button to determine if you are already in our database.

(1) After you enter your email address, the SCHOOL INFORMATION section will appear.  If you are already in our database, the fields will already be filled in (you can add any missing details).  If you are not in our database, complete your School Information details.

(2)  Once the School Information is complete, you can then scroll down to the JOB INFORMATION section and enter your first job.  A SUCCESS message will appear at the top of the page when successfully submitted.

(3) To add a second job, click the “Get Info” button again.  Your School Information will appear and you can just add the details for the second job.  Follow this process for as many jobs as you wish to enter.