Frequently Asked Questions – Job Seekers

 Q: How long has TeacherJobs been in business?

A: TeacherJobs has been in business since 2007. Our Staffing Specialists have been helping teachers find new positions for over

30 years.

Q: How does your service work?

Step One: Complete the application and submit your credential documents in order for TeacherJobs to evaluate your qualifications

and preferences.

Step Two: Our Staffing Specialists will review your application file and call you when we have jobs available that match your

qualifications and teaching preferences. This may be within a day, or could be longer, depending on time of year and jobs available.

Step Three: If you are interested in a position where TeacherJobs refers you, the Staffing Specialists will present your resume to the

hiring official and guide you through the interviewing and hiring process. A placement fee (which may be tax deductible) is only

charged if you accept a position where TeacherJobs has referred you. If you interview and decline a position there is no fee.

Q: How is TeacherJobs different from all the other online websites?

A: We are a FULL SERVICE teacher staffing service that works for YOU. We’re not just a database of jobs. No on-line service

provides access to the non-posted jobs or can provide the insight, coaching and critical matching that we do. You will have your

own professional experienced Staffing Specialist working for you until your job search is complete. We work for YOU – we

match, refer, arrange for interviews, follow-up, resolve questions and Get You Hired.

Q: What does TeacherJobs do differently from what I can do on my own?

A: We bring candidates to the direct attention of hiring officials and are highly successful in getting our candidates interviews.

Being experts in educational networking and staffing for over 20 years, our Staffing Specialists have the expertise and

connections to match the right teacher with the right school to get you interviews and Get You Hired.

Q: What happens if I find a job on my own?

 A: TeacherJobs is one resource for finding a position. You are encouraged to look for a job on your own. If you find a job on your

own, there is no fee owed – just let us know to close your file.

Q: How long does it take to secure a position?

A: We begin your personalized job search immediately after your application file is reviewed. In some instances we are able to place our candidates in a matter of days or weeks. We have even placed teachers in jobs within 24 hours of applying.  Much depends on the urgency of the need and time of year.  For some, it takes much longer.  There is no guarantee that we will have a job to match your qualifications or preferences.

Q: Why should I pay a fee after I’ve already spent money on my education?

A: As in most professions, the person who has the connections usually gets the job. TeacherJobs provides that

networking connection for you. Our strength is getting you in front of hiring officials, the first step to get hired. We find it such a

shame to see candidates who have spent so much effort and money to earn a degree and/or certification and end up substitute

teaching. When TeacherJobs gets you hired in a teaching position, you use your education in the career you are passionate about and earn a professional teacher salary.  The placement fee is an investment in your long-term career.

 Q: What types of schools do you work with?

A: We work with a wide variety of schools including public, charter, independent private and religious affiliated private schools in urban,

suburban and rural areas.

Q: Where do you get your job listings?

A: We get our job listings directly from school officials. Our Staffing Specialists continue their year-round search for new

positions. Because of the time spent building strong relationships with hiring officials, they list their job openings directly with us.

This often gives us the ability to present you to the school before they advertise.

Q: What types of positions are available?

A: Our openings are in all areas of education, including Teaching, Counseling, Library Media and Administration, elementary,

middle and high school.

Q: I am a new graduate. Can you help teachers with no experience?

A: Yes. Many school administrators prefer to hire beginning teachers who will bring lots of enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and

current methodologies.

Q: I am an experienced teacher. Can you help teachers with no experience?

A: Yes. Some school administrators prefer to hire successful, experienced teachers who bring skill and knowledge to the classroom.

Q: Do I have to travel for my interview?

A: If you live within 3 hours of the school, in person interviews are conducted. If you live farther away, many school administrators

will conduct phone or SKYPE interviews.

Q: What increases my chances of being placed?

A: Those teachers who have a complete professional looking credential file have the greatest chance. The next key is flexibility –

grade level, subjects, type of school & location. The more flexible you are, the greater your chances.

Q: What is the Placement Fee?

A: A placement fee is the cost charged for our services. It is only charged if we are successful in finding a position for you that you

decide to accept.

Q: How much is the Placement Fee?

A. The placement fee is based on the salary for the first year of employment. It is 10% if paid in full upon acceptance of a job,

or 12% if paid monthly. Accepted payment methods are: check, American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. For

example, if the salary is $45,000,  the fee is $4,500 if paid in full, or $5,400 if paid monthly. You will net about $40,000

for the first year after considering the fee. There are no fees for the second or subsequent years. The placement fee is a

tax deductible item (consult your tax advisor). Many of the teachers we place stay in their teaching positions for many


Q. What positions do you fill?

ALL GRADES & SUBJECTS:  Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School
Early Childhood, Elementary, Art, Music (choral, band, orchestra), Physical Education, Health, Coaching, Reading Specialist, Bilingual, English, ESOL, Special Education, Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese), Math, Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, earth), Social Studies, Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS), Industrial Tech, Business Ed, Technology Applications, Library/Media Specialist, School Counselor and School Administrators – Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent,  Director of Curriculum, Finance, Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students