Don’t take our word on it – take our clients’ word!


In this recent economic climate in which there were numerous teacher layoffs due to budget cuts, it has been truly difficult to find opportunities for interviews, much less actual placement. Your hard work and continued dedication to the task of helping me find suitable placement with a district that could benefit from having me as a member of their staff was remarkable..    – H.M.


With the over-abundance of teachers, Mr. Loup is a great asset in a job search.  I have used Mr. Loup’s services on several occasions and he has helped me create a cutting-edge resume, has contacted districts on my behalf, and found a satisfying position for me.  – G.W.


 You are truly an expert at what you do and benefit both the teacher you place and the district fortunate enough to make use of your invaluable services. I thank you for all you have done over the years.     – H.C.





I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of TEACHERJOBS several times over the past 12 years.  Whenever I have called with a teaching need, I found Gary Loup to be thorough in listening to our job requirements and in then presenting a steady stream of viable candidates while we conducted our job searches.  On three different occasions I hired their candidates to full-time positions.  In fact, one of the three proved to be the finest teacher that I have ever hired in my 26 years as principal. Gary conducts himself professionally and only seeks to help in the hiring process.  Should you ever have a teaching position to fill, I do recommend Gary Loup and TEACHERJOBS as a definite option to consider.     – S.L.  

Over the years, Gary Loup has really gotten to know the kind of people we are looking for and he has found us some great teachers.  We actually met at school once so he could see where he was placing people and get a real understanding of our program.  Gary has also been helpful mid-year when we have needed to replace a teacher quickly. He is always willing to help and will keep searching until we are satisfied.      – B.B.


I’ve worked with Mr. Loup since 2002 as a teacher looking for a position and currently have utilized Mr. Loup as a resource to staff our school the past six years.  Mr. Loup goes above and beyond to help ensure we have people to interview for positions may become available quickly due to unforeseen circumstances.  He has never disappointed when called upon to provide quality individuals to fulfill our demands.  If considering using Mr. Loup’s services, please know you will work with a professional individual who will work with you and accommodate all your requests.     – S.B.


TEACHERJOBS is excellent at filling your orders. They are very professional, friendly, and people oriented.  I highly recommend them to any recruiter who may be in need of staff.     – K.S.J.